An In-depth Look At No-nonsense New York Times Programs

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New Information On Clear-cut Programs

Don't bet against Magic Johnson turning the Lakers around

They could have easily become smothered in fear and messed this up. They did not. It is no coincidence that Ball could be a younger version of Johnson. It is also no coincidence that Johnson is treating Ball like Jerry Buss once treated Johnson, acting as a mentor and inspiration, even outlandishly challenging him by calling him “the new face of the Lakers.” OK, that was too much. You can’t ask a 19-year-old kid to be the face of a 16-championship franchise. Johnson needed a mulligan there. But if Johnson’s revitalizing energy sometimes goes too far, that’s a small price for the organization to pay for the rebooting of its basketball culture. Johnson is going to say some wild things. But as Lakers fans have learned so far, he accompanies his silly talk with actions that make total sense.

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